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The Swiftype URL Inspector Step-by-Step Guide

The Swiftype Customer Care team wants to ensure you're able to use the new URL Inspector seamlessly and immediately. Review these steps to get up and running in no time!

What does the URL Inspector do?

If you are using the Swiftype Crawler, you can use the URL Inspector to dive deeper into any URLs to learn more details. The Inspector will evaluate a URL and give you feedback on its findings.

Where is the URL Inspector?

There are two ways to get to the URL Inspector:

The first option is to go to the Content section of the Swiftype Dashboard and paste a URL in the search bar. If the URL has no matches there will be an option to 'Inspect this URL.'

Inspect this URL

The second option is to go to the Content section of the Swiftype Dashboard and click on a content link. Once on the Content's Properties page you will find an Options drop down at the top right—click the drop down and select Inspect.


Both of these options take you to the URL Inspector landing page.

How do I use the URL Inspector?

When you get to the URL Inspector page the URL previously selected will appear in the search bar and the Inspector's evaluation of the URL will appear below it.

You can use the URL Inspector landing page to search other URLs as well. Just make sure when typing the URL into the search bar you include http:// or https://. Then click inspect and see what Swiftype finds!

What will it be able to tell me about my URLs?

As mentioned earlier, the URL Inspector gives you more details about your URLs such as:

If the URL is not valid:

Invalid URL

If the URL is blocked by domain rules:

It even gives you specific details about which white or blacklisted rules are impacting the URL and guides you with resolution steps.

Blacklist Rules

If the URL doesn't have a confirmed domain for the engine:

Missing Domain

If the URL can't be reached, but Swiftype has crawled it before:

Cannot be reached with History

If the page can't be reached:

Cannot be reached

If the URL has not been visited by the current Crawl yet:

Not visited yet

If the URL can't index a page due to a duplicate page:

Duplicate page

If the URL can't index a page due to mismatched field types:

Mismathced field types

If indexing is in progress:

Indexing in progress

Or if everything looks great for that URL:

You will get a confirmation that the latest version of the page is available for search as well as details on when it was last updated.

Good to Go

Once you've completed these steps, you should be all set! The URL Inspector promises to take your site search indexing to the next level.

If you have any additional questions or feedback, please reach out to the Swiftype Customer Care team and we'll gladly assist. Happy searching!

Still stuck? Looking for help? Contact Support!