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Access Control Guide

How can I control who I invite to my team, and what they can access?

This guide will demonstrate how to add new users and manage their permissions within Site Search.

Site Search accounts have four different permission levels, which are listed in the table below.

Role Description
Owner One user is the owner of the account. The owner can do everything. They can adjust field weight, change result rankings, add synonyms, change billing details and receives the billing invoice. Only one user can be the owner. If you need to change owners, please read the section on changing ownership.
Admin Users with the admin role can edit documents, adjust weights, change result rankings, add synonyms, create and destroy Engines, access Advanced Settings, and invite users to the account.
Editor Users with the editor role can edit documents, change result rankings, and add synonyms, but cannot change field weight, create or destroy Engines, or invite new users to the account.
Viewer Users with the viewer role have access to the Site Search dashboard and can receive email reports, but they cannot edit documents or manipulate search results.

Changing Ownership

If you need to change the owner of an account, the existing owner must email our support team to make the request.

For security, we must have email verification from the existing owner to change ownership.

If the owner is no longer part of the team, then the team will need to reclaim access to that email address.

Also important: owners are tied to the API Key. Changing an owner will change the API key!

Be sure to take the appropriate precautions when changing owners to prevent downtime.

Adding and Managing Users

When you create an account, you are considered the owner.

As the owner, you have full access into everything contained within Site Search.

That includes the ability to add more team members to your account.

Within the top right of the dashboard, click on My Account.

From there, select Settings...

Access Control - Click Settings under My Account.
Within the top right of your screen, there is a My Account dropdown menu. Hover over it, then click Settings.

Within Settings, there is a sub-navigation menu that contains:

  • General
  • Team
  • Billing & Usage.

Click on Team.

If you have not already done so, you will be prompted to name your account.

This will help your team members identify the account.

Access Control - Provide an account name.
A text input box will appear, requesting that you provide a name for your account.

Next, add users.

Click the Invite A Team member button:

Access Control - Invite a team member.
Click on the Invite Team Member button, and then add your team members.

Each new team member must be added via email.

Provide an email and the role for the new team member.

After that, click Invite User:

Access Control - Invite a team member.
Add the email, then select the permissions from the dropdown menu. Permissions are explained at the bottom of the screen and top of this document.

All invitations will appear within the Team menu. You can resend or revoke emails if need be.

Note: Trouble receiving the invitation? Perhaps it is being caught by an aggressive spam filter? Check there!

Access Control - Invitations in waiting...
Once invited, you can either resend or revoke the invitation.

Once an invitation has been accepted, you can edit the user to change their role, or remove them from the account:

Access Control - Edit permissions or Remove users.
The menus are pictured -- an invitation has been accepted, one is still waiting.

You now have all the knowledge you need to add and remove users and scope their access however you see fit.

Stuck? Looking for help? Contact support or check out the Site Search community forum!