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Swiftype Pricing

All-inclusive, surprise-free, honest pricing

For simple websites
  • Crawled weekly
  • Core Search features
  • Search analytics
  • Multilingual support
  • Unlimited users
Ready for growth
  • Crawled twice daily
  • Cross-domain search
  • PDF/document indexing
  • Advanced crawler settings
Mission-critical search
Custom Pricing
  • Enterprise-level SLA
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Account manager
  • Commercial TOS
  • Expert implementation team

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Custom Pricing
An individual record that's intended to be returned as a result in most scenarios
5k+ $25/5k additional
10k+ $25/5k additional
Volume pricing
Search requests made by an end-user for a given account
50k+ $25/50k additional
100k+ $25/50k additional
Volume pricing
A search index with its associated Analytics and Search Customizations
1+ $50/each additional
1+ $100/each additional
Volume pricing
The crawlable target for indexing the contents of a website
1+ $30/each additional
Volume pricing
Crawling Rates
Manual Recrawl
Time window for which a manual recrawl can be initiated
1 per day
1 per hour
Automatic Recrawl
Frequency of automatic recrawls for an account's domains
Every 3 days
Every 12 hours
Index once, sort all you want
No need to replicate engines to sort or filter your data in different ways. Once your data is indexed, it can be filtered, faceted and sorted at will.
Create semantic equivalence between terms, helping users search more naturally
Result Rankings & Promotions
Precisely order the result set for any given queries. Can be used for promotions, featured content, or removing unwanted results
Customizable Relevance Model
Adjust the relative importance of various data points within your documents, and boost relevance based on specific values
Spelling Correction
Out-of-the-box typotolerance for an improved search experience, from desktop to mobile
Language-Specific Relevance
Improved text analysis based on the content language for improved search accuracy
Analytics API
Access search engine behavioral data programmatically
Cross-Domain Search
Search across multiple domains to create a unified search experience for your audience
+ $30 per additional domain
+ volume pricing per domain
PDF/Document Indexing
Crawl and extract the content of PDF files and other popular file formats
Clickthrough API
Access search engine click activity data programmatically
Advanced Crawler Settings
User-Agent, HTTPS and other advanced security options for the Site Search crawler
Audit Log
Monitor activity from administrative users on the platform
Custom Extraction
Define content extraction rules post-crawl to index key data in defined fields the likes of price or color.
Constant Crawl
Index content as soon as it is published and publicly available, regardless of the crawl schedule
Learn to Rank
Allow the analytics data to influence the algorithmic relevance of given queries over time
Dedicated Hardware
Available on request - Isolated deployment for large-scale use cases
Enterprise SLA
Available production SLA for mission-critical search experiences
Analytics History
Time window for which historical analytics data is available
30 days
6 months
API Logs
Time window for which API log activity data is available
24 hours
7 days
Email Support
Response Time SLA
Dedicated Point of Contact
Integration Consultation
Expert Implementation Team
Security and Collaboration
Multi-User Collaboration
Collaborate with your team with multi-user access to the administrative dashboard
Strong-Password Enforcement
Increased security measures for user login and account access
IP Whitelisting