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White Papers

Learn how you can leverage Site Search to improve your business

Four signs you may be outgrowing google site search

4 Warning Signs that You've Outgrown Google Site Search

You never thought you’d outgrow Google Site Search, but as your traffic explodes, the search experience suffers. How bad is it? Download this eBook to learn more about the 4 warning signs that you’ve outgrown Google Site Search.

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The technical challenge of search

The Technical Challenge of Search

What does robust search require? This white paper discusses the engineering resources required to develop, scale, and maintain a robust search infrastructure. Topics explored include algorithmic development, natural language processing, machine learning, and more.

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Implementing help center search

Implementing Help Center Search: A 15-Step Checklist

This checklist walks through the process of implementing improved search on your help center, outlines who should be involved, what technical steps are required, and compares the various options available.

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The publishers guide to site search analytics

The Publisher's Guide to Site Search Analytics

One of the most valuable sources for insight about what your readers want comes directly from your search bar—a free text box that asks readers, “What are you looking for?” This guide provides an in-depth look at the unique value of Site Search analytics and provides recommendations to optimize search on your site.

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The knowledge base guide to site search analytics

The Knowledge Base Guide to Site Search Analytics

Powerful search is a key component to any successful knowledge base—not only in helping users find the content they need but also in providing support teams valuable insight about what issues users are facing. This guide takes a closer look at what data matters most for support teams and provides recommendations to improve search over time.

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Designing ecommerce for the mobile shopper

Designing Ecommerce for the Mobile Shopper

More than half of ecommerce shoppers prefer mobile today—how can you design an ecommerce experience that meets their expectations? This report summarizes recent findings about how mobile devices shape consumer behavior and discusses how ecommerce design can take cues from the unique expectations of the mobile shopper.

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Understanding ecommerce site search analytics

Understanding Ecommerce Site Search Analytics

How can ecommerce site owners leverage Site Search metrics to improve key performance indicators such as conversion rates, bounce rates, and more? This white paper provides guidelines about which Site Search related metrics are most important and provides recommendations about how to optimize Site Search for ecommerce.

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Laser focused why b2b buyers demand powerful site search

Laser Focused: Why B2B Buyers Demand Powerful Site Search

Why are B2B buyers especially driven to Site Search? Learn about the importance of Site Search for B2B buyers and read actionable recommendations about how site owners can deliver a search experience that meets customer expectations.

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Implementing search for your knowledge base

Implementing Search for Your Knowledge Base

Powerful knowledge base search is easy to understand in theory, but can be intimidating to implement in practice. This ebook walks through the steps required to implement search, outlines options available, and provides guidelines to ensure a smooth implementation.

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