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Meet the modern search solutionGoogle Search Appliance (GSA) Alternative

Migrate from the Google Search Appliance to Swiftype’s powerful search solution and deliver a superior experience in no time, thanks to a robust indexing technology, an intuitive admin dashboard and secure cloud infrastructure.

Thousands of businesses trust Swiftype to deliver millions of highly relevant results every day


Why Swiftype?

Deliver better search with better technology

Swiftype is a modern, cloud-based search solution built with enterprise-level requirements in mind. With industry leading relevance and patented, intuitive web-based control over search, our modern technology has been adopted and loved by thousands of customers around the world.

  • Superior relevance
  • Flexible data ingestion
  • Insightful analytics
  • Intuitive management

Intuitive dashboard

Manage, analyze and optimize your search experience

Swiftype's web-based search management dashboard allows anyone to monitor and customize the search experience without any specific techinical expertise. Insightful analytics provide your team with actionable information to optimize the results on a query-by-query basis using a powerful drag-and-drop interface.

  1. See what users are searching for but not finding
  2. See which content users are searching for most often
  3. Customize search results based on user search history

Top search with no results

  • updating payment
  • warranty policy
  • media package
  • branding guide

Most popular searches

  • payments
  • refunds
  • returns
  • order history
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Powerful indexing

Consolidate your content
in a single search experience

Index your data using Swiftype’s performant web crawler or robust API for additional flexibility. Swiftype keeps your content in sync, ensuring that your results are fresh, and that your search experience is always up-to-date.

Built for the enterprise

Robust, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure

Swiftype's secure cloud infrastructure automatically scales with your index size and traffic levels, with no server maintenance or provisioning required. Seamlessly invite users and set permissions allowing them varying levels of access to features in the Swiftype dashboard.

Switching made simple

Migrate in no time

Get started without installing hardware or downloading software. Simply login and select the content you want to index. Swiftype takes care of content ingestion, initial configurations and engine creation.

  1. Decide which content and data sources to index, leveraging Swiftype's powerful crawler, or using our extensive adaptor framework
  2. Create a new search bar, or connect Swiftype to your existing search experience
  3. Voilà! Get searching
Swiftype Dashboard

Swiftype vs. Google Search Appliance

More control, more power, more flexibility

Swiftype delivers the same world-class, out-of-the-box relevance you have been used to, and offers additional customization features to elevate your search experience to even higher levels of accuracy and performance.

Start your GSA migration

Great search comes standard

Deliver advanced search with the features and tolerances that modern users expect


Real-time, actionable insights about your users’ search habits and activity.

Result Ranking

Show more relevant content by rearranging order of search results.


Precisely adjust your search relevance model to promote the most important content based on your specific needs.


Anticipate what users are searching for as they type to quickly guide them to the content they need.


Don’t let spelling mistakes prevent users from finding the content they’re looking for.


Define synonyms to provide relevant search results, regardless of the user’s vernacular.

Facets & filtering

Display related or similar content and enable sorting and filtering of results.


Swiftype search is optimized for mobile experience, where great search is key.

Migrate from GSA to Swiftype today.

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