See searches as they happen

Swiftype allows you to see what your users are searching for, clicking on, and engaging with—while they are still searching, clicking, and visiting your site.

Searches are the clearest expression of what your audience or customers want. Real-time analytics offer unique insight into the ways users are interacting with your search engine. Measurable and actionable searching information is immediately at your fingertips.

With traditional analytics, data can only lead to reactive responses. Being able to see trends and issues in real-time can help you run a proactive business, which is paramount.

Track conversions and autocompletes

Search conversions tell you where your users go after performing in a search. Real-time search analytics in Swiftype give you insight into the most popular content on your website or app.

In addition, Swiftype’s analytics tell you which autocomplete queries are most popular, and what content was most commonly chosen from the autocomplete suggestions.

See what your users aren’t finding

Just as important as knowing what your users are finding is knowing what they are searching for but not finding. Swiftype shows you common searches that return no results.

After learning what users are searching for but not finding, use Swiftype’s custom result ranking feature to add results to these search terms and keep your audience or customers engaged.

Control and manage all your data

You can export all of your search analytics to a CSV file for use with external tools. Swiftype searches can also be tracked by Google Analytics, so you can see your Swiftype search data alongside the rest of your website analytics.

Weekly, Swiftype will keep you informed with an analytics summary of your search engine. Get insight into trends, top searches, top searches with no results, and top content in your inbox automatically.