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Searches are the clearest expression of what your users want. Swiftype provides fast, measurable analytics that offer unique insight into the ways users are interacting with your search feature.

Track conversions

Conversions tell you where your users go after performing a search. Quickly learn what content your users find most compelling by seeing which search results they choose.


See what your users aren’t finding

Perhaps more important than what your users are finding is what they’re not finding. Swiftype shows you common search queries that return no results. Use our result customization controls to add results and keep your users engaged.


Demystify your autocomplete dropdown

Autocomplete is key to search: users get to the content they seek before they finish typing. With Swiftype’s autocomplete analytics you will know every detail of what your users are about to type in.


Using search trends over time to inform your inventory and tune your content is a great business practice. But, changes can only be reactionary. Did a low-stock product you carry just become more popular? Being able to identify key issues in real-time is paramount to online businesses. See what your customers are searching for, clicking on, and engaging with — all while they are still on your website.

Detailed daily analytics

Swiftype users with Premium accounts can get detailed daily analytics. Daily analytics include Top Searches, Top Search with No Results, Search, and Autocomplete volume. Dive deeper and see what’s popular day-by-day.


Export analytics for offline analysis

With such a large amount of highly valuable business data, Swiftype doesn’t lock you in. You can export all of your search analytics data for use with external tools and resources.


Google Analytics integration

Swiftype not only records analytics for you, but it also tracks all of your site searches in Google Analytics automatically. Read the Google Analytics integration tutorial.

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Each week, Swiftype sends you a summary of your search engines’ analytics. See search trends, popular searches, no result searches, and top content.

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