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Result Rankings

Result Rankings allow you to choose a keyword and then curate its result set. There are two aspects of Result Ranking: pinning documents and deleting documents. You can apply up to 50 actions: a total of 50 pins or deletions, per query.

You can pin one or more documents to a query. Pinned documents appear wherever you have placed them within your result set. You may want a document to be at the top, under the first result, or anywhere else in the set that makes the most sense for your case.

Documents can also be deleted from a result set. When deleted, the result will not show up for your specified keyword. Deleted documents will be organized within a separate view. You can bring them back at your discretion.

Often, your analytics will tell you which search queries are not generating clicks. It might be that the user queries do not match what your documents expect, even though you do have a relevant document to provide them. You may also want to use Result Ranking for marketing or sales purposes.

A supporting aspect of Result Ranking is the ability to add Aliases. An alias is similar to a synonym, but is only applicable to a specific result set. Wherein synonyms create a permanent collective of similar terms, an alias only applies to the specific result set generated by the query.

Result Ranking is applied via the dashboard...


To start ranking your results, login to Site Search and click into your Engine.

Result Rankings are based around specific queries. Within the search box, enter the query for which you would like to curate its result set.

Result Rankings - Add a query, create your first Result Ranking.
The Result Rankings view when you do not have any rankings yet.

Once entered, the result set will appear -- each document will have its own item and will display the number of clicks that it has received.

Result Rankings - An example result set.
A list of organic search results for the engine query.

You may now arrange the result set however you see fit. You can rank documents by dragging them and placing them in the order that you deem optimal.

Result Rankings - Pinning documents in your result set.
Pinned results in a more optimal order, the clearly engine oriented content is now pinned to the top in a logical order.

You can also delete documents from the result set by clicking the x. Once deleted, you can click on the button that says Manage Removed Results to see them listed and return them.

Result Rankings - Click button, reclaim deleted documents.
The Result Rankings view when you do not have any rankings yet.

That covers the basics. As mentioned earlier, you are able to apply Aliases. Within the box labelled Add an alias, type in another keyword to associate it with the current query. Hit Enter to apply it. Note that a keyword may only be present within one Result Ranking configuration.

Result Rankings - Adding an alias.
Adding the search engine alias for the engine query.

The next set of items to familiarize yourself with are the Options in the drop down menu. The menu contains options for Ranking, Visibility, and Analytics:

Pin All Results: Pin the current result set. Useful if you are going to add more documents and want to ensure that your most vital keywords retain their result sets.

Restore Default Ranking: Removes any pinnings or deletions. Begin anew from the default result set for your given query.

Show All Results to Users: Allows you to show all results, pinned or otherwise. Deleted results will stay hidden and must be re-instated either by restoring the default or by removing them from the Manage Removed Results menu.

Show Only Pinned Results to Users: Will display only pinned results. Organic results will not be displayed.

Show Analytics: Displays the numbers of clicks the query has received over 14 days via a good lookin' graph.

With Result Rankings, you start to get ahead of the insights gained from Site Search analytics and your own business intelligence. From here, you can apply Weights and Synonyms to further enhance the relevance of your search experience.

Stuck? Looking for help? Contact support or check out the Site Search forum!