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Engine Cloning Guide

Engine Cloning creates a copy of an Engine.

You may want to clone an Engine for testing and developmental purposes.

You can clone Crawler-based Engines, but not API-based Engines.

A cloned Engine is a new Engine and will result in a cost increase.

  • For a new, cloned Engine: $50/mo for standard plans, $100/mo for pro plans.
  • Pro only: Each additional domain adds $30/mo. Standard plans are limited to one domain per Engine.

For example, cloning an Engine with 3 domains will render:

  • + $100 for the Engine.
  • + $30 x 2 for two additional domains.

Please see the pricing page for more information.

Cloning does not copy:

  • Documents
  • Crawl Rules
  • Advanced Domain Settings
  • Result Pins
  • Analytics

It does copy:

  • Weights
  • Synonyms
  • Domains

Once the new cloned Engine has been created, the crawler will visit your website URLs and ingest your content.

Afterwards, you can add other settings as you see fit.

Cloning an Engine

Login to your Site Search dashboard.

Next, click into the Engine you'd like to clone.

On the right side, under your API Keys, you will see a Clone Engine button:

Engine Cloning - The Clone Engine button.
Clone Engine is right above delete Engine. Both of them are above your API Keys.

Once clicked, you will be asked provide the clones Engine a name:

Engine Cloning - Name your new Engine.
A screenshot of some text and an input bar to name your Engine.

Click Clone Engine. Remember: doing so incurs a new Engine fee!

After, you will return to the Engine overview page. A few moments later, your new Engine will appear.

... You may need to refresh the page. The length of the weight depends upon the amount of Engine settings.

Engine Cloning -
The Engine overview page showing your previous Engine and the new cloned Engine.

If you navigate into the Engine, you'll see a crawl is in progress.

Once the crawl is complete, you'll have a cloned Engine on which to experiment.

Stuck? Looking for help? Contact support or check out the Site Search community forum!