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Engine Type Supported?
Crawler-based Engine YES
API-based Engine YES

You can use faceting to give you a count of results for each value of a particular field.

The query used within your search.
The Engine Key associated with your Engine. Found within your dashboard.
Count the results of a given field within a DocumentType. As such, the facet parameter requires both a DocumentType and a field belonging to that DocumentType.
Example - Return a count of values within the genre field of the books DocumentType: a book is either fiction or non-fiction. Crawler based Engines use page as the default DocumentType.
curl -XGET '' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
        "engine_key": "YOUR_ENGINE_KEY",
        "q": "brothers",
Example Response
  "records": {
    "books": [
        "title": "The Brothers Karamazov",
        "author": "Fyodor Dostoyevsky",
        "price": "14.95"
  "info": {
    "books": {
      "query": "brothers",
      "current_page": 1,
      "num_pages": 1,
      "per_page": 20,
      "total_result_count": 18,
      "facets": {
        "genre": {
           "fiction": 11,
           "non-fiction": 7
  "errors": {}

Supported Field Types

Type Faceting
string Yes
text No
enum Yes
integer Yes
float Yes
date Yes
location No

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