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App Search, Self Managed, Troubleshooting

Keep your eye on this page for known issues and troubleshooting tips.

You can run bin/app-search --help for more information.

Reset Password

Run the binary with an attached --reset-auth command:

  • Standard Auth: Resets login and generates new random password.
  • elasticsearch-native and elasticsearch-saml: Removes the current role mappings. All users are granted the owner role.

Capturing Diagnostics

Running the binary with the --diagnostic-report flag to capture a diagnostic bundle:

bin/app-search --diagnostic-report   

The bundle generates a zipped folder, with the following structure:

- app_info.json
- config.json
- elasticsearch_info.json
- logs
  - stats.log
  - system.log
- system_info.json
  • app_info.json: Version information, build date, and background queue statuses.
  • config.json: Sanitized app-search.yml with defaults.
  • elasticsearch-info.json: Elasticsearch cluster, node, index, and configuration settings.
  • logs/stats.log: Periodic metrics: response codes, timings. Each line is snapshot data for a sliding window of time. Generates one line per process per minute.
  • logs/system.log: Sanitized log of key system events such as web requests, response codes, API methods, background job processing, and more.
  • system_info.json: Operating System and Java Virtual Machine details.

When you submit feedback or issue a support request, attach this bundle to provide our team with:

  • App Search & Elasticsearch configuration details
  • Partial logs from App Search and Elasticsearch
  • System information

The richness of the bundle will change depending on what you have set for log_level in your config/app-search.yml.

You can select one of: debug, info, warn, error, fatal, or unknown.

If you are sending the bundle into support, the debug setting will render the most thorough information:

log_level: debug

Look through the logs before sending to ensure that you are comfortable sharing the information.

Java Error

You will need to use the correct Java version if you receive an error such as:

Found java executable in PATH
Java version: 1.7.0_80
Elastic App Search requires Java version 1.8 or higher, current version is 1.7.0_80

On Linux or MacOS, you can manage your Java environment using something like jEnv.

Ensure you have 1.8 or higher installed; just installing a new Java version often is not enough, ensure it is in your PATH.

Stuck? Looking for help? Contact support or check out the App Search community forum!