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App Search, Self Managed, Changelog

The changelog for Elastic App Search, self-managed edition.


Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed an issue with db-lock and queue indexes causing single-node clusters to go yellow due to unassigned replicas.



  • Optimized response times and improved search experiences with Result Settings. See the release post for more details.
  • Performance improvements via merged processes, queue management and logging reduction.
  • Monitoring capabilities with the Metricbeat App Search module. Checkout the Metricbeat docs for details on how to add the module.
  • API logs and analytics available in Elastic Common Schema. To toggle API logs and analytics in ECS, simply update app-search.yml to set enable_ecs_logs: true.
  • App Search now creates an Elasticsearch user app_search in the Native Realm as the default admin user. This applies to Standard auth and Elastic Native Realm auth; SAML and unsecured installations are not affected.
  • App Search is now available as a beta on ECE 2.4.

Bug Fixes

  • App Search's Filebeat is now set at 1 replica.
  • Fixed an issue when using SAML authentication on a fresh installation of App Search.
  • Fixed a pagination UI bug.
  • Gracefully handle a session expiration by redirecting back to log-in.

Backward Compatibility

  • Running single processes or components separately has been deprecated.
  • Due to merging app server and worker the app_search.monitoring_* properties have been deprecated.


  • No changes.


  • Fixed an issue for App Search docker image where worker.threads and log_format options were ignored.
  • The JSON application logs are now compatible with ECS 1.1.0.



  • The App Search dashboard is now a Single Page App. It should be better, faster... stronger ~ !
  • The app-search.log is now compatible with the Elastic Common Schema and is now JSON formatted by default.
  • To match the behaviour of App Search on other platforms, Docker containers now run under an unprivileged app-search user instead of root and the default location for all logs in a container have been changed to /var/log/app-search.
  • Startup time has been improved.
  • We now support Signed Search Keys.
  • You can set custom HTTP headers on each request via app-search.yml.
  • You can configure the number of worker threads you'd like to use.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the inconsistent behaviour with quoted search highlights.
  • We'll clean up when a user is deleted from Elasticsearch.

Backward Compatibility

  • Due to the change in app-search.log file format, any log ingestion configurations will need to be updated. The log uses a JSON schema now, so it should be easier to ingest.
  • Docker logging directory has changed. For all users, who have a persistent Docker volume configured for App Search logs, the volume will now need to be mounted into /var/log/app-search.
  • Additionally, if you have a Docker-based deployment with a persistent volume used for logging, you may need to change the owner of that volume to UID=1000/GID=1000 to allow the new version of App Search to write to that directory.


  • Fixed the Reference UI to show "More" options on filters when there are more than 5 filters present.
  • Fixed indexing retries.
  • Fixed the ordering of Curations in search results.


  • Fixed a bug which caused the Reference UI to generate a username and password prompt.


  • No changes.



Bug Fixes

  • List all Engines when editing role assignments or API Keys.
  • Fixed truncating of null values.
  • Fixed “view details” button.
  • Fixed exception within the system log.
  • Addressed React and JavaScript library vulnerabilities.
  • A reset of search_settings will no longer reset result_fields.
  • Relevance Tuning will no longer update result_fields.


  • We released!

Stuck? Looking for help? Contact support or check out the App Search community forum!