Swiftype for mobile web

Mobile apps are popular, but many users browse sites on their mobile phones and tablets. Swiftype is optimized for mobile devices from the start, with a search experience that works great on iOS and Android devices.

Many websites have already implemented mobile-optimized search, such as Mapbox, Shopify, Ember.js, and TechCrunch.

Swiftype for iOS apps

Swiftype’siOS SDKmakes it simple to add Swiftype-powered search and autocomplete to your iOS app. Get the same great search experience on your app as your mobile site. See how easy it is to get started by watching the demo below.

Swiftype for Android apps

Swiftype’s Android SDK brings great search to your Android app. It’s easy to build in a Swiftype search and autocomplete experience optimized for both phones and tablets. Bring the same great search experience in your iOS app and mobile site to Android.