Optimized for the mobile web

Mobile apps are popular, but many users browse sites on their mobile phones and tablets. Swiftype is optimized for mobile devices from the start, with a search experience that works great on any device and browser.

Many popular websites have already implemented mobile-optimized search, such as Mapbox, Shopify, Ember.js, and TechCrunch.

Search UI: Responsive, Open Source

Search UI is a responsive development framework for building performant search experiences fit for the modern web. It's fully open source and backed by Elastic. It has out of the box connectors for Swiftype, so you can get accessible, mobile-ready search into your websites and applications in minutes.

Ready to grow?

We've got rich documentation to help you bring search to websites and applications of all shapes and sizes. Follow along with thorough, visual guides and bring the deep value of search to all of your businesses and productivity cases.