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Search UI

A search interface that simply works.

Search UI is a JavaScript search framework for implementing world-class search experiences without reinventing the wheel. It works out of the box so you can focus on thinking outside of it.

The user experience your content deserves

Search UI was designed to help you create the most advanced user-facing search experiences on the web without having to implement every typical search feature yourself.

Whether you are designing a new generation of web applications, or building the next big commerce platform, Search UI puts components like Dynamic Filters and Facets, Search Bar, Result Feed Layouts, and Autocomplete at your disposal.

Mix and match in ways most meaningful to your use case.

Ready to React

Search UI is designed to work with React without any configuration, with pre-built connectors for Elastic App Search and Elastic Site Search. Download and import, it’s that simple.

npm install --save @elastic/react-search-ui @elastic/search-ui-app-search-connector

const connector = new AppSearchAPIConnector({
    searchKey: "search-soaewu2ye6uc45dr8mcd54v8",
    engineName: "national-parks-demo",
    hostIdentifier: "host-2376rb"

  export default function App() {
    return (
          apiConnector: connector
        {() => (
          <div className="App">
            <SearchBox />

Simple, flexible, powerful

Ready in 5 minutes

Download, select your components and add a few lines of code to your application.

Open source, fully customizable

Every component can be styled and modified at will to create uniquely immersive experiences. And it's all open source.

Headless core

Leverage the framework’s logic and extend it with your own components.

URL synchronization

Filters, queries, pagination, and all query parameters are automatically captured in the URL for an optimal user experience.


Search UI can be used with any search service, but comes stock with pre-built connectors for Elastic App Search and Site Search.

React, vanilla and beyond

The underlying library powering Search UI can be used with any JavaScript framework and even vanilla JavaScript.

Get started with Search UI