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Swiftype Enterprise SearchA one-stop,
AI-powered shop

With Swiftype Enterprise Search, you have access to a suite of AI-powered applications that help you securely search, discover and organize vast amounts of data quickly, and with ease.

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A discovery tool to rule them all

Because Swiftype connects to all of your cloud data sources, finding the content you need is as simple as using the search tool. No matter where your files, conversations, documents and data live, they’ll be right at your fingertips.

Example  data
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Legal Review Notes for Merger Proposal
Microsoft Word - 19 pages
Last updated yesterday at 9:47am
Google drive
Pricing Matrix - 2017 Product List
Google Sheets - 4 collaborators
Last updated 45 minutes ago
Jetpack Inc - Signed Contract
PDF - 2 pages
Last updated 2 days ago at 5:34pm
Google drive
Performance Review - Caleb Anthony
Google Doc - Owned by me
Last updated last Wednesday at 12:12pm
Product Release Documentation
Microsoft Word - 15 collaborators
Last updated today at 9:38am
Customer Persona Cards
PDF - 22 pages
Last updated 3 days ago at 3:10pm
Adobe Illustrator - In /Design/Branding/Assets
Last updated a week ago
Marketing Planning Q1
Microsoft Excel
Last updated 5 minutes ago
Financial Planning Q2
Microsoft Excel - In Finances
Last updated 4 days ago at 1:00pm
[Confidential] Settlement Details
PDF - In /Legal/Litigation
Last updated yesterday at 9:03am
Application Submission Form
Last updated 5 days ago at 3:56pm
Swift Group Inc - Initial Proposal
PDF - 14 pages
Last updated yesterday at 2:11pm
Board Meeting Q3 Presentation
Microsoft Powerpoint
Last updated a week ago
Google drive
Market Analysis - New Products
Shared Document
Last updated 2 days ago at 7:23pm
Understanding Quotas
PDF - in /Sales/Training
Last updated January 31, 2017

Be on-the-go without any roadblocks

Whether you’re searching from the sky or running between meetings, your information is always at hand. Our native iOS and Android apps let you continue your search right where you left off so you can be productive no matter where you are.

Example  devices
Product Release Working Draft - V3
Microsoft Word - 3 pages
Last updated 4 days ago at 1:00pm
Product release notes 20170204
in /Product/Product Releases
Last updated 5 minutes ago
Product Releases
in /Product
Google drive
Product release checklist
Document - 3 Collaborators
Last updated January 31, 2017
Product release backlog - sprint 3
List - 8 tasks
Last updated 5 days ago at 3:19pm
Create multi-staging for product release
Task - TECHOPS-1162
Last updated 2 months ago
Google drive
Roadblocks for next product release
Sheet - Shared with me
Last updated a week ago
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Leave the guesswork to us

Our search technology uses lightning-fast natural language processing powered by AI in order to predict (and learn from) your search queries ensuring that every result is more accurate than the last.

Example  triggers
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Smart suggestions
for every task

Swiftype allows you to go about your day-to-day business without having to think about what comes next. Predictive cards surface the content you’ll need by making suggestions based on things like calendar details, meeting attendees and recent activity.

Example  card
Swiftype slack

Make search come to you

With a simple command, you can pull information from other applications without ever leaving Slack. No need to bounce around from app to app. Just stay in once place and let Swiftype do the rest.

Learn MoreExample  slack
Avatar 1
Helen Franklin
11:36 AM
Hey! I need to get in touch with our new support person at Jetpack Inc. We can’t submit new purchase orders.
Avatar 2
Joslyn Thomas
11:37 AM
No problem! I'll send you their contact information
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Swiftype Enterprise Search
Bot11:38 AMOnly visible to you
Search results for "swiftype support contact at jetpack"
Susan Chappell
Last updated November 24, 2016
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Swiftype Enterprise Search
Bot11:39 AM
@joslyn searched for "swiftype support contact at jetpack" and shared a result
Susan Chappell
Last updated November 24, 2016
Commands matching: "/swiftype"
Swiftype Enterprise Search
/swiftype[search query]
Swiftype chrome

Helping your work, flow

Swiftype Focus allows you to keep your attention on the task at hand. Using contextual AI that’s natively integrated into your existing tools, it presents any and all relevant content to the work you’re doing within other applications.

Example  browser extension
Browser extension  layer 0
Browser extension  layer 1
Browser extension  layer 2

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