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New! Create a Swiftype-powered native mobile app in minutes.

Swiftype for the mobile Web

Mobile apps are hot, but many more users will browse your site using their phones.
Swiftype search is ready for them, with easy-to-use mobile optimized search
results display that works great on both iOS and Android.

SwiftypeTouch for iOS.

Download SwiftypeTouch Download the example app

SwiftypeTouch makes it simple to add Swiftype-powered search and autocomplete
to your iOS application. Get the same great search experience on your site and
app with SwiftypeTouch. See how easy it is to get started by watching our screencast.

Swiftype for Android

Swiftype for Android brings great search to your Android apps. It’s easy to get started
and has optimized experiences for both phones and tablets. Now you can have
the same great search across web, iOS, and Android!

Plus, all of Swiftype’s powerful features

Swiftype’s mobile functionality is complemented by our dashboard, full-featured developer
API, and fast web crawler. Use our crawler to create an engine in minutes, then manage search
results with drag and drop and see the changes reflected instantly in search results.
Track content performance with search and autocomplete analytics.

Start using Swiftype now.

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