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The search platform your content deserves.

Swiftype helps you sell more, get the right answer to more people on your platform and surface relevant content for your readers and followers.

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Swiftype in 90 seconds — Learn how Swiftype can help you increase engagement with your audience, mitigate support requests and increase conversion on your website.

Code-free rollout with exceptional relevance

Intuitive search customization features

Powerful crawler and API platform

Extensive developer tool suite

Secure and distributed cloud infrastructure

Consolidated cross-domain search

Thousands of businesses trust Swiftype to deliver millions of highly relevant results every day

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Adapted to your needs

Whether you are looking to increase conversion rates on your online store, or generate higher engagement for your online publication, Swiftype comes packed with features to help you achieve your business objectives in no time.

Advanced search algorithm

Deliver better results with better technology

Swiftype is built on an advanced search algorithm that delivers relevant results for even the most complicated queries. With our language modeling intelligence you can expect that users will be able to search intuitively and always find the content they’re looking for.

New FeatureLanguage-specific relevance model & multilingual support
Spelling correction
did you mean spellcheck?
Bigram matching
high heels = highheels
add = adding
car = automobile
Phrase matching
"fast food" does not equal "food fast"
Content ingestion

Rich results with powerful content syncing

Offering both the flexibility of an API platform and the simplicity of an intelligent web crawler, Swiftype can capture content instantly, keeping your search results fresh, with automatic syncing. Using custom schemas, metagging and custom extraction, Swiftype shapes unstructured information into highly-structured data, ensuring optimal relevance and rich result display.


Simply enter a domain to crawl and Swiftype does the rest.

  • Fire and forget
  • Maintenance-free
  • Scheduled or real-time
  • Custom sitemap support
  • Metatagging and custom object extraction
  • PDF, office-suite documents extraction


Create document types and record schemas, and index content in real-time.

  • Flexible and scalable
  • Custom schema
  • Real time updates
  • Authenticated experiences
  • Popular API clients available
Developer tools

Building engaging experiences

Complete with developer-friendly APIs for both content acquisition and querying, Swiftype lets you create custom search experiences freely with the tools and extensive documentation you need.

Create custom record schemas, index data in real-time, embed search seamlessly into any user interface or website, and programmatically track events.

We’ve found Swiftype to be a goldmine of analytics data—seeing what people are searching for, finding, and not finding.

Terrence LauUser Operations, Asana
Platform Features

Everything you need, included.

Flexible integration

Shape your search experience to match your unique brand and value proposition

Intuitive search tools

Autocomplete, spell check, dynamic facets and more

Outstanding relevance

Best-in-class accuracy and recall

Customizable relevance

Intuitive tools that let you fine-tune results globally or on a per query basis.

Insightful analytics

Granular data that helps you make business decisions rapidly.

State-of-the-Art Security

SOC 2-compliant dedicated security policies, processes and technologies.


Powerful indexing and search APIs that let you build customized integrations.

Multilingual support

Language-specific relevance for more accurate search experiences