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Powerful search without the hassle

Running and scaling your own search servers is a hassle.
Leave search to Swiftype and concentrate on building your application.
Our API handles millions of requests per day.

REST easy

Swiftype's API is a REST-based, making it easy to use with curl or any language with a JSON parser and HTTP client. We also support a read-only public API with JSONP, so you can execute cross-domain search requests instead of tunneling through your server.

In addition, Swiftype provides client libraries in many languages including Ruby, Python, Java, and PHP.

Mobile SDKs for simple iOS and Android integration

Swiftype’s mobile SDKs make it simple to add powerful search to your mobile apps.
Combine our API with our mobile SDKs to create the same search experience on
your site and in your app.

Powerful search management dashboard

Swiftype’s API is complemented by our dashboard with powerful analytic and search results management.

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