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Google Search Appliance AlternativesGoogle Search Appliance vs. Swiftype

Migrate from the Google Search Appliance to Swiftype's Enterprise Search solution and deliver a superior experience in no time, thanks to robust indexing technology, an extensive adaptor framework, and our secure cloud infrastructure.

Swiftype is the leading Google Search Appliance alternative. Start a trial to see why.

Swiftype vs. Google Search Appliance

More control, more power, more flexibility

Swiftype delivers the same world-class, out-of-the-box relevance you have been used to, and offers additional customization features to elevate your search experience to even higher levels of accuracy and performance.

Google Search Appliance

Content ingestion

Index any content type (documents, web content, databases, etc) using a crawler, or an extensive connector framework.

Firewall access

Index documents behind firewalls, password gates, LDAP, and other security frameworks.

Result refinement

Sort and filter search results based on content type, document source, department, author, and any other metadata you choose.

Distinct portals

Create different search experiences for different departments or teams, allowing all to search within what matters most for their specific needs.

Access control lists (ACL)

Use current document permissions across your organization's content platforms to return tailored and accurate search results.

Infinite scalability

Index from a few dozens to hundreds of millions of documents without server provisioning or hardware installation.

Private cloud

Secure cloud providing benefits of on premise without the hassle of maintaining or provisioning servers, or keep software up-to-date.

Intuitive web-based dashboard

Let anyone in your organization monitor and manage your search experience, regardless of their technical expertise.

Relevance adjustment

Adjust default relevance model to favor specific document types, attributes, or other metadata.

Front-end interface

Design your front-end search experience to look and feel however best suits your organization.

Query customization

Re-order search results for specific queries, or eliminate results that might not belong.

Metadata creation

Refine your index by associating custom metadata with different document types, sources, keywords, and more.

Custom synonym sets

Synchronize search results for different terms of the same or similar meaning to customize fuzzy matching based on the unique project names and initiatives of your organization.

Indexing controls

Control reindexing time and frequency from an intuitive web-based dashboard.

Migrate from your Google Search Appliance today.

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