Hosted Search API

Sometimes simple search isn’t robust enough if your platform or business holds a large amount of content or has needs that are more nuanced. Swiftype allows developers to easily build custom-tailored search features for their website or app. And as your needs grow, Swiftype will be there to scale with it, already handling millions of search requests per day.

Swiftype's hosted Search API is a JSON-based REST API, making it easy to use with curl or any language with a JSON parser and HTTP client. Swiftype also supports a read-only public API with JSONP, so you can execute cross-domain search requests instead of tunneling through your server.

Real-time Updates

Send updates to your content as frequently as you wish — 100s of time a second, every night at midnight, or somewhere in between. Our hosted Search API lets you bulk update hundreds of documents in a single API call or simple updates to a single field in a single document. Changes made through the API are reflected in your search results within minutes.

Swiftype client libraries

Swiftype’s HTTP API is straightforward to use, but in some cases it may be easier to interact with your Swiftype search engine with the help of a client library. Swiftype provides client libraries in many languages including Ruby, Python, Java, and PHP, with more clients being added.

Extensive documentation

Swiftype’s APIs are easy to get started with, but you will quickly see that it is also incredibly flexible. Swiftype’s developer APIs are extensively documented to help you build the search engine you want, with granular control and access to searching, autocomplete, indexing, and analytics. Swiftype’s library of tutorials can show you how to build custom experiences, such as faceted search and tailored WordPress sites.

Endless configurability

Create a search engine easily by entering your website’s address. Swiftype then indexes the content on your website automatically. If you have a mobile app or a WordPress site, you can use the Swiftype Developer API or WordPress plug-in to populate your search engine’s index.

Swiftype integrates seamlessly with your website or app. With a few lines of code, you can display search results on the same page, a dedicated results page, or an overlay. Then make small changes, such as modifying link colors, or large ones, such as building in faceted search filters.

Swiftype Platform

The Swiftype Platform allows you to create and control Swiftype accounts on behalf of your own users. With our Platform API, you can create an account for each of your users, create and update search engines for them, and then log them into their Swiftype dashboard when they wish to manage their search engine.

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