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Swiftype forDramaFever

We added Swiftype within a week of first trying it, and decided to keep it forever after the first month.

— Ry4an Brase, Senior Developer, DramaFever

Swiftype Search for DramaFever
About DramaFever

DramaFever is the largest online video site for the distribution of international televised content. Their current library is comprised of over 13,000 episodes from 60 content partners across 12 countries.

Search for

DramaFever needed a fast search engine that indexed their content in real-time as they updated their offerings.

Why Swiftype?

Fast search, easy implementation, and affordable pricing.

Mobile Search by Swiftype

Increase mobile engagement with better search.

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Search not meeting expectations

Site visitors assumed they could use the search bar to navigate DramaFever’s massive media library, but they were having trouble finding what they wanted using the existing search engine. DramaFever tried using the Google Search API, but this quickly became too costly. After this they tried running queries through their own database, but this slowed down search considerably. DramaFever needed a scalable solution that was fast and easy to implement.

Fast implementation, fast search

Swiftype was the perfect tool for DramaFever—with a “flawless” implementation, a seamless API integration, and tremendously fast results. According to their data from NewRelic, Swiftype’s API ranks among the fastest that DramaFever integrates with. Another piece that set Swiftype apart was live-indexing of new content, ensuring that users are always searching across an up-to-date index. As Senior Software Developer Ry4an Brase explains, “We bulk update all of our documents each night and they immediately index without a hitch.”

Actionable analytics

DramaFever relies on data points in Swiftype weekly analytics emails to determine what new media they should add to the site. Ry4an explains, “When we can see what our users are searching for but not finding, we know what to buy.” The DramaFever team also looks at the most popular queries for cues on what their homepage should feature, and on a more general level, appreciates analytics because they provide “another sliver of visibility into the way our users behave.”

More users, better experience

After installing Swiftype, DramaFever saw a 21% increase in total page views, drastically enhancing their value proposition to advertisers. Furthermore, users were able to find what they wanted quicker—DramaFever saw average pages per visit decrease by 25%. Finally, Swiftype search was easy to translate for their mobile app, ensuring DramaFever users have great search on any device.