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Modern search features at your fingertips

Robust hosted search APIs and clients, vast cloud infrastructure, programmatic management features, intuitive dashboard, analytics and insights, powered by the Elastic Stack.


Fast, seamless setup

Documents API

The Documents API makes it easy to feed data into an engine, all without having to define or declare a schema upfront. Simply issue a request - directly to the service or using one of the official API clients - and see your content appear in real-time from the App Search dashboard.

Real-time Indexing

Send new documents or update content as frequently as you wish — 100s of time a second or every night at midnight. Our hosted Documents API lets you bulk update up to a hundred documents in a single API call, changes are reflected in your engine immediately.

Document Browser

Review content in your engine with the Document Browser: explore indexed documents, verify integrity of data, remove documents, all from the App Search dashboard.

Schema Editor

Once at least one document has been indexed, you can review and edit the schema generated by the App Search platform: modify data types, add new fields, and review indexing-related warning or errors.

Official API clients available for a wide set of environments


One search endpoint, endless possibilities

Search API

At the heart of the platform is the Search API, the main query vehicle for your engine’s data. With the Search API, you can retrieve, manipulate, boost, filter and sort result sets at query time. Simply pass the query value with additional optional search configurations, and let App Search do the heavy lifting.

Algorithmic Tolerance

Elasticsearch’s proven algorithmic relevance is elevated to a whole new level with App Search’s core search components: typo-tolerance, bigram and phrase matching, stemming and more. No need to implement complex query analysis pipelines: App Search does it automatically with no configuration required.

Filters and Facets

Whether you are looking to implement a complex filtering and faceting interface for your ecommerce operation, display datasets that rely heavily on date ranges or simply want to add a proximity filter to your geo-aware search experience, App Search supports the most commonly used types of filters and facets as first-class concepts.

Tamperproof Search Parameters

Some use cases may require you to ensure that the integrity of every query is checked and validated. App Search provides mechanisms to enforce search query validity with signed requests, making certain that a user has right access privileges, or that the right filters are applied based on context.


Best-in-class relevance, complete flexibility

Relevance Tuning

App Search lets you fine-tune the algorithmic relevance of your engine proactively or on-the-fly using Field Weighting and Boosts. By assigning relative importance for every field and boosting on certain values, you can dramatically improve the precision of your search experience.


Need a specific result to be promoted? Need to add a remove results for a specific query? Curations let you manipulate the result output of any query for your engine without having to reindex content using a simple, intuitive drag-and-drop interface that can be used by technical users, and non-technical users the likes of content editor and business owners.


While your content may be absolutely stellar, chances are your users may be looking for the same thing using a very different vocabulary. App Search provides an easy way to create synonym sets both via the Dashboard or programmatically, applied at query time, expanding the scope of searches against the same datasets without having to reindex.

Multilingual Support

With the click of a button, App Search analyzes and dissects your content based on its language for ultimate precision and accuracy at query time, reducing algorithmic noise and enhancing the experience for native speakers, regardless of their locale and location.


Real-time data, actionable insights

Analytics & Insights

App Search offers a unique view into your users’ query habits, from aggregate search query data to resultless search requests. The Insights engine informs you on the correlation between queries, click data and any gap that could be improved upon with Search Customization features such as Synonyms and Curations.

Clickthrough Tracking

The Clickthrough API allows you to track, analyze and dive deeper into your users’ behavior and search patterns. When set side by side with query data, it provides a clear outlook on relevance tuning and content creation opportunities, as needed.

API Logs

Track operations in real-time, monitor the health of your search engine and debug malformed requests with an exhaustive API log view.

Scalable, powerful search from $49 per month

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