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Powerful search, built for developers

With Swiftype App Search you get access to a set of robust APIs and unprecedented relevance controls to deliver amazing search experiences, all backed by the Elastic Stack.

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The features you need to build a world-class search experience

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Robust APIs

Powerful, intuitive APIs for indexing content, managing your search engine, and searching — all adaptable to the unique needs of your application.

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Built on the Elastic Stack

The core of App Search is powered by Elasticsearch, so your app inherits the powerful — and constantly improving — foundational features that make Elasticsearch the industry leading search technology.

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Real-time Analytics

Analytics based on how users interact with your search engine are automatically tracked in real-time, revealing unique insights into user behavior, and helping you discover opportunities for customizing your search engine.

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Users expect a lot from search experiences today, including robustness against typos or misspellings. App Search returns relevant results that match your users’ intent — not necessarily what they type.

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Relevance Tuning

The App Search Dashboard makes relevance tuning as simple as point-and-click: make customizations in the web-based interface and preview their impact in real-time. All without writing code.

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Result Pinning

When you need an even more detailed level of control, customize the result set for a specific query using our drag-and-drop interface.

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Create associations between different search terms to properly reflect user intent — fully customizable to the nuances of your own content or local vernacular.

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The App Search platform supports dynamic schemas and real-time reindexing — simply send JSON to the API and we’ll make sure it gets analyzed appropriately for whatever search application you build.

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