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Powerful search, built for developers

With Swiftype App Search you get access to a set of robust APIs and unprecedented relevance controls to deliver amazing search experiences, all backed by the Elastic Stack.

From zero to search in no time

App Search lets you set up an engine and index content in just a few minutes, thanks to robust cloud platform and dynamic, schemaless indexing. Use the intuitive App Search dashboard to issue your first queries, and quickly implement search within your application with one of the numerous available API clients.

Spelling correction
did you mean spellcheck?
Bigram matching
high heels = highheels
add = adding
car = automobile
Phrase matching
"fast food" does not equal "food fast"

Relevance, squared

App Search harnesses the power of Elasticsearch for best-in-class relevance right out-of-the-gate. Not only does App Search include typo-tolerance, stemming, bigram and phrase matching, but it also offers search customization features such as Curations, Weights, Boosts and Synonyms for you to fine-tune relevance based on your business objectives in conjunction with data available via App Search’s Analytics platform.

New FeatureLanguage-specific relevance model & multilingual support

For developers, by developers

App Search is an API-first experience: index documents, search and filter, track clickthroughs, manage search customizations or engines, and more. Choose from a vast set of API clients, and implement search and management touch points programmatically, while allowing content editors, business users and other non-technical stakeholders to tweak and augment your search experience via an intuitive dashboard.

Search UI for React

Most search experiences follow similar patterns; search box, search results, paging, sorting, filters, url state, etc. Search UI gives you a means of quickly implementing these patterns without re-inventing the wheel.

The features you need to build a world-class search experience

Robust APIs

Powerful, intuitive APIs for indexing content, managing your search engine, and searching — all adaptable to the unique needs of your application.

Built on the Elastic Stack

The core of App Search is powered by Elasticsearch, so your app inherits the powerful — and constantly improving — foundational features that make Elasticsearch the industry leading search technology.

Real-time Analytics

Analytics based on how users interact with your search engine are automatically tracked in real-time, revealing unique insights into user behavior, and helping you fine-tune your search engine.

Relevance Tuning

The App Search Dashboard makes relevance tuning as simple as point-and-click: make customizations in the web-based interface and preview their impact in real-time. All without writing code.

Schemaless Indexing

The App Search platform supports dynamic schemas and real-time reindexing — simply send JSON to the API and we’ll make sure it gets analyzed appropriately for whatever search application you build.

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Scalable, powerful search from $49 per month

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