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What Is Enterprise Search Software?

Enterprise companies contend with a near-infinite universe of data. When those companies are able to engage with that data effectively, it drives profits, streamlines employee workflows, and keeps even the largest enterprise companies nimble enough to resist a cagey and determined industry newcomer.

That’s the good news. Here’s the bad news: if the same company gets enterprise search wrong, that universe of data suddenly folds in upon itself, becoming a black hole where productivity and profits are never heard from again.

And unless your Enterprise ship has a warp drive, you’re a total goner.

But what exactly is Enterprise Search?

Enterprise Search Software Provides a Unified Discovery Tool Across All Data Platforms

If you’ve ever checked out a Ghostery TrackerMap of some of the largest enterprise companies in the world, then you know just how many software applications these businesses use to perform everything from the most mundane tasks to massive company-wide pivots into new industries.

Many of the newer software platforms house their data in different clouds, making it next to impossible for an employee on his or her own to find the information they need from a single, simple search interface. A marketing team using a CRM like Marketo, for instance, may need to find out more information about a particular client, but they’re only seeing information available within that particular CRM database. Where else would they have to look? Salesforce, most likely. Or Google Docs. Or any one of a dozen other cloud-based applications.

As enterprise companies continue to expand upon their rapidly growing technology stacks, they need an easy way to keep that data integrated and accessible across the entire company.

Cloud-based enterprise search software provides a solution to this problem. With one search bar, an employee can search across dozens of different cloud platforms and access thousands of pages and types of content. The search bar indexes across all of a company’s software systems and databases, effectively turning all of those siloed storage locations into a single company-wide database.

Enterprise cloud search does all of this without requiring massive IT resources or huge company-wide shifts to more integrated platforms. With the right search tool, every app, platform and database a team needs is accessible to each of its members.

Locate or Discover Information from Anywhere, At Any Time, on Any Device

An enterprise company may have locations on half a dozen continents. Its employees may work on secured laptops and smartphones as well as PCs. Its contractors may work remotely from hundreds of miles away. How do all of these people access, edit and collaborate on real-time data all at once without stepping on each other’s toes?

Again, the answer comes down to enterprise search software. Enterprise search instantaneously sources answers to queries across dozens of cloud platforms. Employees can access this information from anywhere with an internet connection since the data is stored in the cloud rather than on a device.

How does search accomplish this feat of strength? The algorithm. A smart search tool has gathered a massive amount of information about keywords and keyword chains. Even if an employee doesn’t quite know what he or she is looking for, the algorithm can provide the most relevant results thanks to previous users inputting the same or similar search queries. Accessing this amount of data from so many cloud platforms sounds like it would take an eternity. But with the right search tool, it all happens instantly, in real time, allowing employees from around the world to work with one another more efficiently than ever before.

Delivers Stunningly Accurate Information with Predictive AI

Predictive AI, or AI that learns with human input, isn’t the future of search. It is search. The best search technology already uses it to deliver stunningly accurate results to companies around the globe.

How does predictive AI work? It sifts through millions upon millions of search queries and identifies patterns within them, allowing the algorithm to serve better results from one user to the next. Those patterns are what ultimately allow predictive AI to autocomplete your thoughts before you’ve finished typing them into the search bar.

In order for enterprise search software to successfully predict queries and help employees discover information faster, it must deliver accurate results instantaneously. That’s just what people have come to expect from search.

Swiftype Knows Enterprise Search Software

Thousands of companies trust Swiftype to deliver relevant and accurate results every day. Swiftype Enterprise Search connects dozens of disconnected cloud platforms together and makes them accessible from a single search tool. Employees can access that universe of data from anywhere, on any device, all in real time.

To learn more about Swiftype and how it can benefit your business, check out Swiftype Enterprise Search.

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