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Includes 10 users
Billed Annually
$2/month per additional user
Custom Sources with API Platform
Native Connector for Github and Atlassian Cloud
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Premium Connectors with Base Framework
Advanced Authentication and Security Features
Dedicated Account Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

Swiftype Enterprise Search

How long does it take to index data from a content source?

In most cases, indexing will complete just within a few minutes after authorization and connection. Time required to index all content and data for any given source will vary greatly, from seconds to a few hours, based on the number of items to be synced, and the source’s specific connection characteristic such as throttling and incremental indexing.

Can I connect to a content source that’s not listed on your website?

Absolutely, Swiftype’s powerful Custom Source API allows anyone to push content from sources for which a connector may not be available out of the box. Typical scenarios involve industry-specific platforms, tools and repositories developed internally, or legacy systems. Alternatively, Swiftype’s Crawler Source connector makes indexing any web-based content a breeze, whether that content is private or public.

What is the difference between a shared content source and a private content source?

Shared sources are content or data repositories for which content is available to an entire group or organization with the same level of permissions, and can be set up by an administrative entity. In other words, you can think of shared sources as if every user in your organization accessed its content using the same set of credentials. Good examples of that are usually CRMs such as Salesforce or help desk such as Zendesk, internal intelligence tools or application data. Private sources contain content with limited permissions. They may be company-wide systems, say Dropbox or Google Drive, but accessible content for those sources will vary greatly from user to user. With Google Drive for example, it would not be possible for everyone in the organization to share the same credentials, as every individual has access to widely different pieces of information.

Is Swiftype following the highest of industry standards for data integrity and security?

Absolutely. Our priority is to ensure that any data and activity associated to your account is only available to the right people at the right time in your organization. Swiftype is SOC 2 compliant, which means that extensive measures and processes are put in place to ensure complete security coverage and monitoring. At Swiftype, security is serious business. Learn more about Swiftype's security features

Is Swiftype Enterprise Search only offered as a hosted solution?

Yes, Swiftype’s main advantage is its ability to serve powerful enterprise search entirely from its secure, scalable cloud infrastructure, leveraging its machine learning technologies and algorithms, as well as removing the pain from typical enterprise software rollout and ongoing maintenance and investment. By focusing solely on building enterprise search with the most modern technologies, we’ve ensured that your search experience will seamlessly evolve over time along with your needs.

Do you respect individual user permissions within content sources?

Swiftype syncs content in accordance to the access level to documents and data from the account used to connect the source. In the case of private sources, synced content and data will only be available to the user connecting the source. In the case of shared sources, every member of the organization will have access to all documents accessible to the user or account connecting the source.

How does Swiftype handle security for authorization credentials?

Security at every layer is our highest priority at Swiftype, and we’ve implemented state-of-the-art strategies to ensure that tokens and other credentials are encrypted both at rest and in transit.

How does Swiftype secure my indexed data?

Swiftype Enterprise Search was built from the ground up with the most modern, best-in-class security strategies, and ensures both data privacy and integrity. Like authorization credentials, data is encrypted at all times and every search index lives in isolation, which means sensitive data is only ever accessible by the right authenticated user. Switype’s best-in-class data centers adhere to the strictest of guidelines, while maintaining a SOC 2 rating and complying with all ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 requirements. Additionally, Swiftype Enterprise Search gives you complete, granular control over where and how search experiences can be accessed.

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