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Enterprise Search, Troubleshooting

Discovered an issue? Looking for assistance?

There is no migration path between betas; you'll need to start from scratch.

Please send all reports to our team at:


Elasticsearch Cluster Settings

Enterprise Search makes alterations to the auto_create_index persist and transient settings within Elasticsearch.

Avoid making changes to those setting as doing so will create issues.

Read the Elasticsearch reference docs for more information.

Known Issues


  • Note: The default login steps have changed. See Installation for more details.
  • Bug: GitHub has an API bug which prevents very large organizations from indexing their issues. We have a ticket open with them. We'll update this page when it's been repaired.


  • Note: The "preview" pane shown in the screenshots and documentation is not included in beta1 -- stay tuned!
  • Bug: Sending multiple indexing requests for a numerical external_id will throw a 500 error. Works as expected for strings.
  • Bug: Adding GitHub as a content source requires that you belong to - and have OAuth permissions within - a GitHub organization. If you do not belong to a suitable org, you will be able to click continue, but nothing will happen. If you create an org or change your organization settings to allow access, be sure to re-create the OAuth application within GitHub to generate new client tokens.

Thanks for trying out Self-Managed Enterprise Search. Please send us your beta feedback!