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Administrative Tools Guide

Before you begin, you'll need...

  1. Active content sources.
  2. A working SMTP Mailer so you can send invitations to your team mates.

This guide is to help you build customized groups then fill them up with people.

Bring the Team

Within the administrative dashboard, click Groups:

Administrative Tools - Looking for Groups.
The sidebar menu with groups highlighted.

On the left side, click Add a Group.

Provide a name, like Marketing, Operations, Support -- whatever fits best:

Administrative Tools - Looking for Groups.
The sidebar menu with groups highlighted.

Once you have created your groups, click into them and add whichever content sources they'll need.

Before adding people, you will want to adjust your content source prioritization.

Click into Settings from on the side menu.

Select Source Prioritization.

Choose which group you'd like to tune, then drag the sliders to scale relevance.

Higher means those items will be considered more relevant when group members search:

Administrative Tools - Looking for Groups.
The sidebar menu with groups highlighted.

We have content sources. We have groups. And now we need our team!

Within the side menu, click Users:

Administrative Tools - Clicking on Users
After adding groups.

If you have the mailer configured, you will see the option to invite team members.

From there, you can add all the team mates you'd like -- you can add manually or via .csv.

Administrative Tools - Add your team mates.
After adding groups.

At any time, you can return to this menu and click Manage next a person to change their group and access level.

  • An Admin can view and change administrative settings.

  • A User can only access the search experience and their private dashboard.

As your invitations are accepted, your team mates will appear within their groups:

Administrative Tools - Your team mates will start appearing in their groups.
After adding groups.

That's it! Your organization is ready to go!

If you'd like to give your new team members something to help them get started, provide them The Searcher's Manual.

Enjoying the beta? Something broken? Lost? Please send us your feedback or visit the Enterprise Search community.