Add amazing search to your next web project in minutes

Install Swiftype with just a few lines of JavaScript, then design your search experience to match your website. Decide how search results will look and feel with minimal front-end effort.

+ Add a search field anywhere by using a simple HTML class: .st-default-search-input
+ Add customizable search results anywhere by using a simple HTML class: .st-search-container
+ Add filters and facets to help users find content

Easily customize your search experience

Faceted search

Easily add filters and facets to your search results page through the Swiftype dashboard.

Custom result ranking

Customize results for common searches to direct your users to the most relevant content.


Create synonym sets for search terms to return the same results.


Adjust Swiftype’s relevance algorithm to surface better results in searches.

Deliver better search with better technology

Swiftype is built on an advanced search algorithm to deliver superior and relevant results. With language modeling intelligence such as bigram matching, spellcheck, and stemming, you can expect that users will be able to find the content they’re looking for.

Additionally, Swiftype’s robust, custom-designed web crawler is designed to keep pace with frequent changes to your website or app, so search results are always up-to-date.

Language modeling intelligence such as stemming allows your users to find content even when their queries are imprecise

Responsive search across all devices

Engage users with a responsive experience that works beautifully on phones and tablets. Provide users the with same great search without building a separate front-end. Additionally, Swiftype provides cross-platform SDKs for native iOS and Android apps.